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Caudalie is the first French leading brand to harness the extraordinary power from the grapevine in scientifically advanced, natural and glamorous skincare. With three worldwide patents – grape Polyphenols provide 100% anti-oxidant protection, Resveratrol lifts and rejuvenates, Viniferine brightens and evens skin tone – each Caudalie product invites you to it’s intoxicating world.

Caudalie is luxurious, effective and natural! The luxury is in the packaging, the divine scent of the products & the rejuvenating feel it imparts on your skin.

The effectiveness comes from their famous 3 patented ingredients. It was the first ever brand to stabilise antioxidants so that we could feel the benefits on our skin. With the launch of its new Resveratrol Lift Range Caudalie has combined two powerful ingredients Resveratrol & Micro-Hylaronic Acid making it a leading brand in Anti ageing.

The Naturally derived ingredients makes it suitable for the most sensitive of skins, with no artificial fragrance, colours or preservatives.

“Do you know you are throwing away treasures? This sentence changed my life. It marks my meeting with Professor Vercauteren during the 1993 grape harvest in the vineyards of the Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte. He then revealed the amazing antioxidant powers of grapevine and grape polyphenols. Caudalie was born. I founded Caudalie with my husband Bertrand in 1995, and we still run this wonderful company with the same passion and conviction as on the very first day. Every week I test dozens of textures selecting the best ingredients, establishing what is best for the skin.” – Mathilde Thomas creator of Caudalie


Jane Iredale is passionate about offering you intelligent makeup solutions that not only instantly enhance your natural beauty, but also have long term skin benefits. Viewing makeup as an essential part of any woman’s self-confidence, products are expertly designed to allow you to adapt them to your natural beauty, rather than blindly following trends. Ensuring beautiful looks are easy to achieve, all Jane Iredale products are multi-functional, look good, feel good and are good for the skin.

We pledge to provide a product line that has the utmost integrity and the ability to enhance the lives of women through its effectiveness, simplicity and beauty.

We believe that our activities should be governed by the requirements of our customers and our concern for the environment.



revolutionary fake tan for people who want to enjoy a gorgeous natural-looking glow that makes them look and feel gorgeous. Thanks to the unique moisture-rich formula and unique time-release ingredient, now even the fairest skin can enjoy a natural-looking tan. Easy to apply, and with a gorgeous fresh fragrance, it goes on smoothly and fades evenly, for a flawless finish every time. With Xen-Tan you can achieve the beautiful tan you love, without putting your skin, or your health, at risk. In fact, thanks to Xen-Tan’s skin-nourishing formula and rich moisturisers, using it actually helps care for skin, to keep it feeling fabulous.

Xen-Tan products have already received a stack of prestigious beauty awards, including Harpers Bazaar’s Best Self-Tan, Elle Beauty’s Best Ever Beauty Buys and’s Best Self-Tan. And, it’s fast becoming the brand of choice for fake tan lovers and celebrities alike, along with leading beauty experts from the fashion, TV, music and film industries.


Specialising in eye products Blinc’s mission is to introduce safe and exceptional beauty products that redefine how they should be made, applied and perform. By perfecting cosmetics and beauty products, blinc strives to solve beauty problems that women all over the world are dealing with every day.

Blinc eye makeup products are unique and among the best in the world. Not only are blinc eye makeup products extraordinary, but they actually deliver what they promise. This new generation of beauty products will allow you to go about your busy day with no smudging, no reapplying and no ‘raccoon eyes.’ Waterproof & Long lasting!

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One of the most popular RevitaLash® products is the Advanced Eyelash Conditioner. The finely calibrated formula addresses the visual signs of eyelash ageing and stress. Your formerly dry, brittle and lifeless lashes can be rejuvenated and replenished beyond recognition.

A proprietary blend of innovative technology and natural botanicals helps to protect against breakage and improves flexibility, moisture, and shine for dramatic-looking eyelashes.

Daily use provides immediate conditioning benefits, leading to healthier-looking, more luxurious lashes.

Over 97% of testers in clinical trials saw an improved appearance in their eyelashes in only 3 weeks It’s safe and gentle enough for contact lens wearers

A portion of all proceeds benefits breast cancer research initiatives

Highly Recommended – RevitaLash® has been a big hit with celebrities across the world. From the Kardashians to Denise Richards to Leona Lewis, there has been a real buzz about the range and its exceptional results on the lashes, brows, hair and skin.RevitaLash® has also been featured in numerous magazines such as Vogue, InStyle, Elle and Marie Claire, and is continuously spoken of highly by the media.